About energyrose

Hello, my name is Houshu Tanaka (HOUSHU).
It has been 20 years since I run the beauty salon where I support health and the beauty of women.
What I felt while I have treated women more than 10,000 is that
modern women are fatigued very much mentally and physically.
I had spent exhausted days while doing many roles such as a therapist, a manager, child care, housework, etc.
It was an “Organic Bulgarian rose oil" to have saved me.

I still remember it clearly that I was filled with happiness I have not experienced before、
when I was held by an abundant fragrance of nature which only genuine Organic Damask Rose has.
And I was surprised that my skin became moistened from within and transparent
when a rose oil spread among the depths of the skin.
After using rose oil, the skin care time that I felt a bit tedious until then
changed to a pleasure time to heal my heart.

"ENERGY ROSE" is the high quality Aromatic cosmetics of "Healing" and "Aging care"
created with fusion of Organic Bulgarian roses and our proprietary blending techniques based on our knowhow.
Focusing on Healing and Aging care with its aromatic effects, organic Damask rose oil are used luxuriously.
I will be happy if these cosmetics become a partner
keeping Healing and the beauty for many women living in the present age.


【Enio Bonchev Production Ltd】
Energy Rose luxuriously uses organic rose oil produced by Enio Bonchev Production Ltd. which was founded in Bulgaria in 1909. The company was awarded a gold medal from UNESCO after being valued for the production of high-quality rose oil at the International Conference of Essential Oils

Picking of a rose in the morning and Rose oil steam distilled manufacturing scenery


Certificate of being an organic product issued by Bulgaria Rose National Laboratory